Hi, welcome to Dr L33 Productions!

I understand that in order for me to capture beautiful images I must create a relaxed environment. I accomplish this by engaging in conversations, listening with my mind and camera and paying close attention to the smallest details. I want my viewers to relate to my Images through recognition as if they were looking at pictures of someone they knew or a familiar environment they’ve visited. I appreciate the raw reality of everyday life, the feeling beauty of those in between moments, and I do my very best to capture every image with that in mind. As a creative director/video producer at I speak with people like you about achieving their specific project goal. I’ve helped a lot of individuals like yourself in the Production industry with video productions such as music vidoes, documentary, advertisements, weddings and more. If you love my work or don't know where to start, we can schedule a 15-minute call or an email to discuss strategies for your next project. I’d like to hear what excites and challenges you and the changes you envision. Even if you decide that you don’t want to talk more after our first call, you’ll gain some insight for your next project that you’ll be able to use immediately.